Looking for that special opportunity that gives you and your team a unique experience and the most efficient training? Look no further. Krishna Valley’s ambience, and Common Shared Values’ trainings fused together is the answer.

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Krishna Valley, the largest eco village in the middle of Europe and Common Shared Values Leadership Mentoring, team up to provide a unique training experience that your group can imbibe lifelong skills from!


And here you could find India in the heart of Europe. And above that europian people could show you the heritage of India!



Krishna Valley’s carefully developed surroundings, botanical garden, the themed paths, the pilgrim’s path, the 14 very well orchestrated special gardens, the temple and cultural centre, the one-and-only European cow protection centre, the forests, the certified organic vegetable gardens and fruit orchards that spread over 260 hectares gives a unique experience for your group’s next corporate training and team-building experience.
At Krishna Valley, the program includes a presentation on Indian culture, traditions and the 5000-yearold Vedic literature and books that have been translated to English and Hungarian, Special musical performance accompanied by Indian instruments and a guided tour of Krishna-Valley.

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We at the CSV Leadership Mentoring are helping leaders around the world, training them to achieve outstanding results while retaining their best people and caring for their employees. Zoltan Hosszu, Leadership Mentor, Founder of Common Shared Values Leadership Mentoring and Istvan Gori, IT and Marketing Director of Common Shared Values Leadership Mentoring conduct / help conduct these activities for groups of corporates.  Talking about the program, Hosszu remarked, “The training are carefully tailored to the needs of the companies and individual groups so that they themselves can become examples of sustainable, values based business that retains its best people.” 

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About Zoltan:

Zoltan Hosszu is one of those rare people who have extensive leadership experiences in non-profit, corporate, religious and  governmental institutions. He is a consultant, trainer and speaker who has travelled to more than 15 countries, giving more than 50
speeches and conducting 15+ workshops annually. Armed with extensive knowledge and experience in strategy development and systems-thinking, he has helped thousands of leaders in developing their skills and qualities to be successful in business and in developing communities based on his unique “Common Shared Values” approach. He has also coached representatives of organizations in communication and media appearance.